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              Apostle William Trayer
               Pastor Beatriz Trayer

We are small but haven't you heard that big things can come in small packages? Well we are here to tell you that that is true. Our home ministry is small after God directed us to focus on the mission filed in Asia, but we are seeing phenomenal growth in the mission field. Many are being added to the pastoral ranks through the move of the Spirit of God. Did you know that there are many who do not have a pastor or are called into the ministry, and have no formal educational training? Here at Lord's House we provide that training free, to these men and women of God, but in order that we do this we must have your help.

We in the US are blessed with many resources but such is not the case for many of these pastors, who are just as called as many of us here but, because of financial constraints, cannot attend classes. We allow them to continue to broaden their knowledge base and teach them such wonderful things as moving by faith, etc which directly impact their ministries. Of the 56 that graduated of our first year, all 56 are experiencing a broader and deeper anointing in their ministries. Then we returned for a second year to another one of our areas in India where we hosted yet another class of 23 in 2009, who have also been experiencing fantastic things in their ministries.

This is one of the callings that God has placed on our ministry, to teach and train those who have the calling and desire to be used of God, but have no training. Does this mean you? Only the Holy Spirit can answer that question.


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